He's not from the block and he never slung dope but he's definitely hip-hop!  

In a world where drugs, sex and materialism seem to set the trend, Crayzee Joe rolls in the opposite direction.  While most emcees in this world are following the mainstream flow, Joe approaches music and life from a different point of view.  Instead of allowing the world to dictate who he is and what he does, his goal is to ensure that others don't look at him and see the same thing they can find everywhere else, but a hope and life that points the world to the God who created it.

Joe not only performs music but also speaks to youth and the urban culture about the same hope and life he raps about.  Although Joe may not have grown up in the hood, he compares his mission to that of Paul, "Paul wasn't a Gentile but he loved them and wanted them to know the same God he came to know.  In the same aspect, I may not have the same past or current situation as many of the people I am called to reach but I become all things to all men so that by it, some may be saved."

Joe is available for speaking engagements, outreach events, concerts and other venues. You can contact him by email by clicking here, or by phone at 404-585-1463.